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    Actuarial Sciences at Southampton

    Actuaries are problem solvers, tackling the uncertainties of future events using skills across mathematics, probability and statistics. As a major UK centre for mathematics and its applications our courses are built on the breadth of our expertise and internationally renowned research. Whilst studying our courses you will benefit from a programme that combines mathematics with key topics from economics, finance and actuarial science. You’ll also develop analytical and problem-solving skills alongside expertise in the statistical analysis of risk.

    • BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science
    • MSc/PGDip Actuarial Science

    Our courses will teach you how to tackle the uncertainties of future events using mathematics, probability and statistics to create models and simulations and the technical skills needed for a career as an actuary. The courses are delivered through a combination of lectures and workshops, by leading researchers in statistical modelling and experts in actuarial and financial mathematics.

    Professional Exemptions from the IFoA

    We work with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), who govern the UK Actuarial Profession, to ensure our courses provide an up to date and relevant education for those who want to become an actuary. Depending on academic performance, you’ll be eligible for 6 exemptions from the IFoA’s Curriculum 2019 Core Principles Subjects:

    • Actuarial Statistics (CS1 &CS2)
    • Actuarial Mathematics (CM1 & CM2)
    • Business Finance & Economics (CB1 &CB2)

    Facilities and employability

    The Mathematical Sciences Student Centre, based in Highfield Campus, provides a supportive environment for both study and socialising where you can attend talks, study in small groups or enjoy social activities surrounded by like-minded students and staff members.

    Employability is embedded into modules from the first year onwards and right from the first lecture. Our degrees are a passport to vocational and non-vocational careers alike, with recent graduates employed in roles ranging from actuaries and statisticians to crime analysts and medical researchers. The technical skills you will acquire are in great demand, as are the skills of understanding and analysing problems, together with communicating the results. Our graduates are highly sought after, particularly in the fields of finance, commerce, industry, education and research.

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