This programme is for you if you want to kick-start your actuarial career and gain the skills to apply data analytics to solve real business problems.

Whether you have yet to start the actuarial professional exams, or you have already passed some of the Core Principles subjects you will be able to choose a route that maximises your potential exemptions from the IFoA exams. In some cases you will be able to finish with all the exams needed to become a fully-qualified actuary as an Associate member of the IFoA (Qualification as an Associate requires two years’ work experience qualifying for PPD, successfully completing the online Professional Skills Course, and successfully completing the online CB3 course and assessment.)

Data skills are vital for all professionals and Data Analytics is at the heart of this course which has been designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you potentially to gain exemptions from all the examined Core Principles subjects (CS 1&2, CM 1&2, CB 1&2) or, if you already have some passes under your belt, to add the Core Practices subjects (CP 1, 2 & 3). After the compulsory Data Science module, you are free to select modules that align with your personal goals – whether that’s to gain as many exemptions as possible, or to explore more advanced data analytics topics like Data Mining and Neural Networks. All our actuarial modules are taught with an emphasis on the ability to manipulate and analyse realistic data sets using industry standard software so you can be sure you are developing skills that are highly sought after by industry.

But actuarial science is not just about quantitive data and mathematical techniques. In every module you will be supported to develop key business skills – problem solving, communication and teamwork – as well as growing your understanding of the business and financial environment where actuaries operate. This unique combination of technical expertise and transferable business skills means you will be well placed to work in the worlds of insurance, pensions, healthcare, banking, business management and risk assessment. You will be equipped with mathematical and statistical knowledge and problem-solving skills to help businesses and institutions evaluate the long-term financial implications of the decisions they make while continuing your actuarial professional qualification.

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