Risk is opportunity – being an actuary is a shrewd career choice. Our MSci Actuarial Science and Data Science is an Integrated Masters course that will teach you the art of turning risk into opportunity with the understanding of visualising data in actuarial applications and beyond. Such a skillset is crucial for the growing market for experts in data science with the collection and analysis of data being crucial to understanding how to improve, create and guide products and services across the globe.

Our attractive blend of actuarial science and data science will equip you with an understanding of real-world financial issues, efficient use of experimental design to provide fast and less expensive solutions, and computing skills essential for entering the actuarial and data science profession.

You’ll be taught theory and methods used by professional actuaries; on how to apply mathematical and statistical skills to minimise financial risk when the stakes are high, in areas such as commerce, government, insurance and finance. You’ll be provided with the crucial basis of core skills in data base programming and management, in developing data processing pipelines and in organising and analysing large and massive data sets. And you’ll be introduced to and use programming language Python and R for statistical analysis and data visualisation. In your third and fourth year, analysing data and methods in group projects will be essential capstone modules for the learning outcomes of the course.

Topics include:

  • Mathematical skills and finance
  • Computer science and programming
  • Statistics and operations research
  • Artificial intelligence, databases and information retrieval
  • Ethical issues around the use and processing of data
  • Specialist skills in the areas of big data, data analytics and data science

Our Integrated Masters will give you the opportunity to fast-track your degree and complete your final year in nine months compared with a regular MSc which usually takes twelve months. Combining your undergraduate and postgraduate study in one degree will give you a strong theoretical background as well as specialist expertise through independent research. This combination makes graduates from our course attractive candidates for many employers.

Why we’re great.

  • You have access to our ultramodern facilities at our new STEM Centre that provide real-world experience.
  • You join a community of scholars leading the way in technological research and development.
  • We have active links with industry to broaden your employment potential and placement opportunities.
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