Successful actuaries use mathematical skill and business acumen to solve financial problems related to risk and uncertainty. To provide a fitting education for future actuaries, our degree combines the expertise of the University of York Management School and the Department of Mathematics, giving you access to world-class academics at the cutting edge of research in their fields.

You’ll sharpen your mathematical skills and statistical reasoning, using advanced calculus, algebra, probability and statistics. In parallel you’ll study economics, finance and accounting, developing your understanding of the wider context of actuarial work. You will also become adept at implementing actuarial and financial analyses using R and other software.

We place great emphasis on developing your employability skills and professionalism using the dedicated resources of the University of York Management School. Through our excellent links with actuarial employers and the Yorkshire Actuarial Society we help you gain an insight into the exciting variety of actuarial careers.

On successfully completing our degree, you will be a multi-faceted and highly employable graduate with the financial and business skills required to qualify as a professional actuary. You will also have the opportunity to obtain exemptions from the Core Principles examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (CM1, CM2, CS1, CS2, CB1 and CB2).

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