As advances in data and risk management transform finance and actuarial science, develop data analysis skills that meet new challenges.

Who is it for?

If you love mathematics, especially modelling and probability, and you are interested in the use of coding, data and IT to solve real-world problems, then you will find this course ideal for you.

As you would expect, the Data Analytics and Actuarial Science undergraduate course sets you up for a career in actuarial science. However, the course will also prepare you for a career in the wider fields of data analysis and risk management, or in investment management or financial analysis.


Traditionally, actuaries have used data to solve problems in the financial risk area. However, the world of finance is being transformed by two major trends – the increase in the volume and types of data and the focus on risk management. This means some problems are now best solved using different data analysis techniques.

This course prepares you for these new challenges. You will explore the traditional actuarial approach to risk management but you’ll also learn about some of the newest areas of data science, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, and their practical application to finance and insurance.

As well as developing your understanding of mathematics, probability, statistics, economics and IT you’ll look into probability modelling, data analysis and the financial markets. You’ll also be able to demonstrate your skills and your ability to communicate your findings in your final year project.

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