Who is it for?

You are a UK or EU student who excels in and enjoys mathematics, especially modelling and probability. You love asking “What if?”.

The skills you gain on the Actuarial Science Foundation  course will kickstart your actuarial career. You can also enter careers in risk management, investment management or financial analysis.


The Foundation Year in Actuarial Science aims to provide students with a knowledge of Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Accounting and Finance, Economics, IT and Computing sufficient to enable them to undertake an undergraduate degree in the area of Actuarial Science. These modules have been carefully designed to include material that they will come across should they successfully proceed onto the BSc Actuarial Science undergraduate degree programme.

In addition to providing students with the essential mathematical and scientific background necessary to progress onto the undergraduate Actuarial Science degree programme, there is an integrated study and communication skills component. This, together with considerable tutorial support, aims to encourage the development of the students’ awareness of the learning process, and to foster their intellectual development, so that they achieve a sense of their competence as learners.

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