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17 Nov 2023

Embarking on an Actuarial Adventure:

Dive into the world of LCP, where your journey in actuarial consulting isn’t just about crunching numbers, instead striking a fascinating balance between technical work and consulting. You will be using data and complex models to explore vast financial landscapes, advising industry giants, and making a tangible difference to the lives of millions of pension scheme members.

The Role:

  • High-Profile Advising: Play a crucial role in high-stake projects, advising some of the nation’s largest defined benefit pension schemes with assets in the £100ms or £bns. At LCP your clients will include FTSE100 companies and trustee boards including key industry figures.  From emails and phone calls to face-to-face meetings and corporate events, we look to get you on the front line of engaging with our clients right from the get-go.
  • Diverse Projects: Say goodbye to monotony. Collaborate closely with a range of specialists, from lawyers to investment experts and insurers.  Over time you will get involved in wide ranging tasks including funding negotiations, broking large insurance transactions worth £100ms, M&A activity and climate change considerations.  Some projects include communicating with the very pension scheme members your advice is ultimately helping secure financial futures for.
  • Real-World Dynamics: The financial world is fluid, constantly reshaped by legislative change, global events and evolving economics. Here, you’ll stay on your toes, helping ensure clients’ strategies remain relevant and effective.
  • Championing Change: As you deepen your understanding of legislation and regulation, you’ll find opportunities to not just adapt, but influence. LCP doesn’t just observe changes in the industry; we help shape them.

Your Growth Pathway:

  • Graduate Training Programme: We provide a tailored series of sessions spanning broad professional and technical training across your first three years – all geared towards helping you hit the ground running in your work as an actuarial consultant.
  • Mastering Presentation: Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or new to the spotlight, our initiatives like “LCP Speaking Club” and “LCP Xtra” are crafted to refine your presentation prowess, ensuring you’re always client-ready.
  • Mentoring & On-the-Job Training: Beyond formal training, build experience across our diverse range of client projects, backed by our robust mentoring system.
  • Skill Expansion: With LCP’s diverse ventures, you’ll develop not just as a top-tier actuary but as a well-rounded consultant, adapting to an array of business areas and challenges with opportunities to work with colleagues from other areas such as Health, Football and Energy analytics.
  • Impactful Connections: Engage with industry leaders, innovators, and fellow professionals, broadening your horizons and opportunities.

Why should you choose LCP?

  • Vibrant Culture: Build your career in an environment where fun, collaboration, and mutual growth are key priorities.
  • Competitive package: Attractive, flexible benefits package that can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Your Wellbeing: We don’t just care about your work; we care about YOU. Our benefits are structured to bolster your overall wellbeing, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game.
  • A Celebration of Diversity: At LCP, every voice matters. We champion a space where all forms of diversity are celebrated, ensuring everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.
  • One office culture:  You can choose to apply for a role at either our London or Winchester office, to suit your preference.  Our one office culture, with collaborative cross office working, ensures you will get equal opportunities, recognition and career progression regardless of your choice of location.

Ready to embark on a career journey where your potential has no bounds and you can power possibility? LCP awaits you.

  • Job Type: Graduate Job
  • Field of Work: , , ,
  • Degree Result Required: 2:1
  • Location: London and Winchester
  • Salary: Competitive / Benefits
  • Start Date: Immediate
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