A great way to kickstart your actuarial career is through an internship; here is some information on what to expect when doing an actuarial internship at LCP.

Studying at university and considering a career as an actuary? Then why not find out first-hand what life as an actuary is really like by becoming a summer intern.

Experience working for LCP. Meet the people, see the offices and join in the social scene on a summer internship with varied and engaging work, training and pay, and a real opportunity to secure a graduate position. We offer internships in our Pensions Actuarial Consulting, Investment Consulting, Insurance Consulting, Energy Analytics, Pensions Management Consulting & DC Investment and Governance departments. Internships typically run for eight weeks from the start of July.

Actuarial internship at LCP: Working as a Summer Intern

Our summer internship programme offers you the chance to get a valuable insight into a potential career in your chosen role, as well as allowing you to experience LCP’s people-focused culture.

The programme provides you with up-front training to introduce you to LCP, our market-leading technology, and the work you will be doing. We will then give you a range of opportunities to further learn and showcase your skills, including a mix of hands-on client work and specifically designed projects. This mix will give you access to working with a range of people from across the department, from whom you can learn about their experiences of a career at LCP.


At LCP we invest a lot of time in the training and development of our new graduates to help them progress well in their careers. We offer the same structured training and support to our summer interns.
We’ll provide you with all the training you’ll need for your day-to-day work. You’ll also receive plenty of on-the-job training as you undertake various tasks, which we will ensure are structured to offer you the widest possible experience in all aspects of what we do.

You will be assigned a “buddy” to support you throughout your internship. They will typically be a first year on our graduate programme, offering you a great chance to ask questions and hear their experiences with LCP – settling in, the industry, the work, the exams and of course, the social side!

Working at LCP

We are large enough to offer you experience on a wide range of projects, including advising FTSE 100 and global companies, but still personal enough that you will not be ‘just a number’. From day one, interns get actively involved and able to make their own contribution to meeting the needs of our clients.

Of course, internships aren’t all work and no play. We offer several sports teams and organise a wide variety of social events over the summer. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet informally with colleagues and hear about their experiences of the actuarial profession and LCP.

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