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Are you interested in doing a graduate scheme? Check out the graduate training schemes at Mercer in this case study to see if they are right for you…

To become a successful actuary, passing the exams is only the beginning! Mercer recruits actuarial graduates into the Retirement, Risk & Finance and Investment Consulting areas of the business. Regardless of the area you enter into the core skills you will need to develop to become a successful actuarial consultant will focus on your ability to:

  • Develop relationships with key business contacts.
  • Understand technical information.
  • Explain that information in a jargon free manner.

Mercer’s graduate training scheme is focused on developing all of these attributes which will ensure your long term success in the business environment.

Actuarial exams and support

Mercer offer a variety of ways in which graduates can study towards their actuarial qualification depending on location including distance learning and through established MSc courses.
To help you on your way they provide:

  • Generous study leave.
  • Tutorials.
  • Study champions; who are based in your office and have been there before and can give you tips on how they’ve survived.

Graduate development programme

The actuarial exams and support are only part of the picture of the graduate training scheme. You’ll also develop your understanding of:

  • Consulting businesses and how they respond to markets.
  • Clients and why they use consultancies.
  • How to tailor your own consulting style.

The programme lasts two years and is regularly reviewed to ensure it’s reflecting consulting best practice and trends within the market.

Advisers and mentors

When you join Mercer, you’ll be allocated a buddy. They’re there to help you settle in over your first few weeks. After that, the title of buddy can easily be applied to most people in the office as they are all incredibly keen to see you progress.

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