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  • Name: Laura Hibbert
  • Job Title: Actuarial Assistant
  • Location: Reading
  • University: Leeds
  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Physics

My degree
I learnt about the Actuarial profession whilst studying for my A Levels, and it immediately stood out as a career that I wished to pursue. I went on to study Mathematics and Physics at University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science. The undergraduate degree allowed me to develop my problem solving skills in a practical environment.  My postgraduate study gave me an initial insight into actuarial work, whilst also allowing me to gain exemptions from some of the Actuarial Profession’s examinations.
Choosing Xafinity Consulting
After researching further into the Actuarial Profession I knew that I wanted to work within Pensions rather than Insurance, and so I began my search. Xafinity Consulting has an intense recruitment process, but I felt that the assessors really go out of their way to make it as relaxed and friendly as possible. The assessment centre involved various group and individual exercises that tested our problem solving abilities, it also allowed me to meet several different people in the department who all seemed to be friends and not just co-workers. The inviting atmosphere gave a memorable impression of how great it would be to work for Xafinity Consulting.
My job
One of the best parts of my job is that even after a year I am still learning something new every day! There is a vast variety of tasks to complete, which include anything from calculating the value of an individual member’s pension to working as part of a team to complete a valuation on an entire pension scheme.
Professional development at Xafinity Consulting
Due to the large variety of tasks that you can face there is a steep learning curve, but Xafinity Consulting offer lots of training and support to make this considerable less daunting. There are both on the job training and formal group training sessions. Every time that I am faced with a new task, a more experienced co-worker will explain the step by step process so that I understand the work that I am doing. On top of this, the study package offered by the Company is fantastic; paying for my tuition materials, assigning me a study mentor and providing generous study leave.
Life at Xafinity Consulting
The people are what make Xafinity Consulting so amazing; even after I ask my thousands of questions – they are still happy to help!
It is a really friendly environment within the office, and outside of work there are numerous opportunities to go to social events. These range from meals out every Friday lunch, sporting activities or trips to London – they really help you get to know everyone in the office!

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