• Name: Julie McElroy
  • Job Title: Trainee Actuarial Consultant
  • Location: London
  • University: Durham
  • Degree: Mathematics BSc (Hons)
  • Fields of Work: Consultancy

Why did you choose Hymans Robertson?

I wanted to work for an actuarial consulting firm so that I could be surrounded by other likeminded people who know the difficulty of balancing the IFoA exams alongside work and, that having been through the exams could be a great pool of information and support. The largest division at Hymans Robertson is Actuarial and Benefits, which provides advice to the Trustees of UK private sector pension schemes so I knew I would be working alongside other part and qualified actuaries who would be able to help me in any matter of my work.
One of the many perks of Hymans Robertson is you are encouraged to pursue the areas of your career you enjoy and energise you, rather than pushed to take on projects that don’t. I am in charge of what work I choose to take on which means I am excited by and enjoy the work I’m doing.

How did you get your job?

Hymans were very accommodating with my application. I applied and went through the normal process – online application, psychometrics and telephone interview, although living in France at the time, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fly over to make my final interview! Hymans were very accommodating for my circumstances and allowed me to do my interview through Skype and final test online, rather than flying to London.

What’s it like working at Hymans Robertson?

In my two months at Hymans, I have loved every day. It seems to me everyone is as happy as I am and it generates a buzz in the office. The office is open planned which is great to be able to interact with people at all levels and everyone is very friendly – you work in many different teams and so get to meet a lot of people in the office. Each of these teams have different socials and activities planned to get to know one another, which makes for a great sense of community within the firm.
There is also a strong emphasis on good work-life balance with study support: one study day every week; a study mentor to help with every step of the exam process, exams, tutorials; and study materials all paid by the firm. Everyone is more than willing to help and support you through your exams.

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