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  • Name: Nikita Dookna
  • Job Title: Analyst
  • Location: London
  • University: St. Andrews
  • Degree: Mathematics

What made you decide on an actuarial career?
I wasn’t sure what an actuary was until I started looking for jobs! However, once I had looked into it, I realised that it was the perfect way to use my degree in maths.  Becoming a consulting actuary meant that I could benefit from a client facing role as well as analysing problems mathematically.
Why did you choose LCP?
I first joined LCP as an intern and found the experience incredibly useful and enjoyable. During the internship I did a variety of work including individual member calculations and even had the opportunity to go to a client meeting. This was a great introduction to working as a consulting actuary and I gladly accepted the graduate position at the end of my internship.
What do you enjoy most about your job ?
The thing I like most about working at LCP is the people. Everyone I work with is very supportive and always has time to answer any questions I may have about client work.  LCP is an incredibly friendly firm and there is a great social committee that organises fun events throughout the year.
The training I have received at LCP has been excellent. I am now approaching the end of LCP’s three year graduate training programme and have learnt a lot over that time.  The training sessions have ranged from technical information to help me with day to day tasks to advice from partners  on how to present effectively to clients.
Studying to become an actuary is also a key part of my role. LCP’s generous study budget to cover the costs involved and 40 study days a year has given me plenty of time and support to get ready for the actuarial exams.  I think starting out can be pretty daunting but at LCP I was provided with a buddy and a study mentor so I always have someone to guide me through the qualification process.
Any advice to future students?
Prepare yourself for balancing work and study as they are equally important. Time management is key here, and everyone at LCP is very helpful and understanding when it comes to doing exams as they’ve been through it themselves.
Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Becoming an actuary can be a steep learning curve and you’ll be surrounded by people with lots of knowledge and experience who can help you.

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