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  • Name: Adam Bosher
  • Job Title: Associate Consultant
  • Location: London
  • University: Birmingham
  • Degree: MSci Mathematics
  • Fields of Work: Consultancy, Pensions
LCP Adam Bosher

I’m a pensions actuary with around 5 years of experience in consulting, primarily working with trustee clients to help them tackle their wide-ranging pensions challenges.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the profession?

I chose to be an actuary for several compelling reasons. Firstly, my keen interest in consulting and problem-solving drew me to this profession, as it offers opportunities to provide expert advice and strategic solutions to clients facing complex financial challenges. Secondly, the intricate mathematics involved in actuarial work captivates me, as it demands analytical and quantitative skills, providing a stimulating and intellectually challenging career. Lastly, the potential to make a real-life impact, where the consequences of decisions could potentially make front-page news, is a driving factor for me, as it fuels my desire to contribute to meaningful and significant real-world applications.

What qualifications and training have you had?

As I am near fellowship, I feel well prepared for my career as an actuary. Through studying for the actuarial exams I have gained in depth technical knowledge which I can apply in my work. In the office I have been delivered high quality classroom style training from experts in the profession, which has equipped me with a solid foundation in the practical applications of actuarial principles, methods, and practices. However, the key learning is done on the office floor where I have gained valuable on-the-job experience, working alongside more senior colleagues and learning from unique real-world scenarios. This combination of formal education and practical experience has honed my skills, allowing me to confidently apply my actuarial knowledge in solving complex problems and making informed decisions for the benefit of my clients and stakeholders.

What does your current role involve?

One of the great things about my role at LCP is the sheer variety – I advise clients of varying sizes on key strategic matters including the funding of their pension schemes and the different journeys to buying out remaining benefits with an insurer. This advice is provided orally on calls and at meetings, as well as through written reports.

I also help produce accounting valuation and various other pension scheme matters. My role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at providing expert advice, driving business growth, and delivering value to our clients. Beyond core actuarial work, I have also been able to take on roles which help support recruitment efforts to further build the team and have been involved in business development initiatives.

Future Plans

My plans in the near future are to gain my FIA status by passing my final exam and to get involved in more de-risking projects, whereby we help clients broke deals with insurers for their pension liabilities – something LCP is the market leaders in.

I also want to help develop LCP’s business by increasing my engagement with the various parties involved in running a pension scheme and having open discussions with them about what their problems are and what help we can offer at LCP. I hope to continue to take leading roles on various projects and learn from my esteemed colleagues and help develop the emerging talents which we recruit each year.

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