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What are the financial rewards for being an actuary? We ask Mark Crail from XpertHR to provide us with the actuarial salaries and benefits for 2016 in an overview of expected earnings in 2016 for actuaries, from actuarial trainees through to senior partners.

What can I earn?

Actuaries have continued to attract significant financial rewards, with basic salaries rising by an average of 3.4% in 2015. Taking account of bonus payments, salaries rose an average of 4.7%, meaning that actuaries are seeing pay rises considerably higher than those in most other professions.
Actuaries at all levels of the profession commonly receive an annual bonus, with 82% receiving a bonus in 2015, averaging £11,335. These are obviously skewed towards more senior staff and partners, but if you push yourself and perform well you can progress quickly, getting your hands on that bonus in the longer term.


We are pleased to report that 100% of the consultancies and companies who took part in the XpertHR survey were recruiting qualified actuaries during Sept ’14 – Sept ’15. So, get your CV up to scratch and investigate your options by looking over the Employer Directory.

Responsibility level Average basic salary
Student Actuary £36,241
Actuary £52,067
Senior Actuary/Junior Consultant £66,118
Section Leader/Consultant £73,043
Section Manager/Senior Consultant £80,664
Department Manager/Managing Consultant £89,442
Function Head/Practice Head £117,343
Senior Function Head/Practice Director £140,814
Chief Actuary/Senior Partner £222,936

Source: Salary Survey of Actuaries and Actuarial Students -2015, published by XpertHR Salary Surveys

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