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    The MSc in Actuarial Science at UCC is designed to give candidates from quantitative and numerate backgrounds a chance to kick-start their careers in Actuarial Science. This course provides a solid foundation in the core principals and techniques of Actuarial Science and includes taught modules in the areas of statistics, financial mathematics, market analysis and business finance.

    Fundamentally the course will equip its graduates with the relevant mathematical and statistical knowledge-base and problem-solving skills to help businesses and institutions better assess and manage their risk profiles and make sound business decisions. Graduates would have the chance of employment throughout the financial services sector such as in insurance, pensions, healthcare, banking, investment and risk strategy and assessment.

    This course also gives candidates the opportunity to undertake a minor dissertation and obtain a Level 9 qualification in Actuarial Science through the study and examination of a number of problems specific to the insurance and financial sector.

    Information on Exemptions from Professional Actuarial Examinations:

    The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) has approved programme level exemption status for the MSc programme in Actuarial Science at UCC in respect of their first 6 Core Principles in the new 2019 IFoA curriculum (equivalent to 8 Core Technical subjects in the pre 2019 curriculum). Students may be recommended for exemptions from the Institute ’s own professional examinations in up to 5 of these Core Principle subjects (equivalent to 7 exams in the pre 2019 curriculum) by performing sufficiently well in the corresponding examinations of the MSc programme. UCC is one of the very few universities in Ireland which can offer students the potential to receive this level of exemptions from the professional actuarial examinations.

    Further details on the content and modules are available on the Postgraduate College Calendar.

    Career and Research Prospects/Employment statistics/Salary information:

    Wherever there is risk and uncertainty then there will be very strong demand for graduates of Actuarial Science programmes.

    Graduates of Actuarial Science programmes continue to find employment in traditional areas such as insurance, pensions, reinsurance, underwriting, banking and financial consultancy. However new and non-traditional sectors of employment have opened up for actuaries in recent years . In particular actuaries are now bringing their skills to bear in fields such as investments, healthcare, risk management, financial planning, regulation and hedge funds.

    An actuarial qualification is very highly regarded throughout the world. The Actuarial Profession is a very ethical profession whose members practice to the very highest standard. U.S. career website surveys conducted by firms such as CareerCast regularly rank ‘Actuary’ as the top profession.

    For further information particularly in relation to potential accreditation aspects please contact Mr. Finbarr Kiely FIA

    Department of Statistics Western Gateway Building University College Cork

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