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31 Jul 2018

The Programme

The Deloitte Graduate Programme is a first step on a professional career with a highly respected firm. It’s a world-class training scheme, as well as a permanent job that’ll earn you a market-leading salary and benefits.
From the moment you join, you’ll be treated as a Business Advisor, valued for the unique contribution you make and the fresh ideas you bring. You’ll work directly with clients on projects that have a very real and meaningful impact on their success. As well as gaining a recognised professional qualification, you’ll develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. And you’ll get all the support you need to become the leader you know you can be.

The Opportunity

Can you see what is around the corner? Able to forecast the future?
It’s not just stocks and shares, property portfolios and investments; it’s people that are a company’s greatest asset. It’s our role to help clients maximise the potential of their people. We advise on everything from talent pipelines to organisational restructuring. We guide clients through complex financial and political issues, from the tax implications of immigration on their organisation to advising on group pension policies, actuarial and executive rewards structures.
You will be joining Actuarial, Reward and Analytics (ARA). This is within the Human Capital practice of Deloitte’s Consulting business. On joining ARA, you may have the chance to work with teams from other parts of Human Capital, Consulting, and indeed other service lines (Audit & Assurance, Tax, Risk Advisory and Finance Advisory) in Deloitte as you could join Rewards, Insurance, Pension or the Capital Markets Group (part of the Analytics and Quantitative Modelling AQM team, which works with advanced quantitative financial modelling techniques and tools and has some of the best mathematicians and modellers within Deloitte).
Being an actuary is all about predicting the future, examining the probabilities and working directly with clients on a variety of projects, You will work with clients throughout the UK and abroad, in the office or on client site. You will develop a range of business skills to combine with the technical knowledge you learn through the actuarial exams and your project work.

Your professional experience

  • Use your curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and judgement to analyse complex problems, work out what’s important and deliver bespoke solutions.
  • ‘Access all areas’ of your client’s business to understand its inner workings, helping you develop your business acumen, commercial skills and industry knowledge, as well as developing far reaching and often senior relationships.
  • Take on more intellectually challenging work, while technology takes care of the repetitive manual tasks. We’re using automation and cognitive technology to free up our people for more analytical work, and to provide a higher quality audit.
  • Take responsibility very early in your career – quickly supervising, coaching and mentoring your own teams.
  • Build strong relationships with clients and colleagues, working collaboratively in like-minded teams.
  • Experience different cultures and local business practices, working with colleagues and clients around the world. As well as enjoying opportunities for national and international travel.
  • Get involved outside your day job, in the many corporate responsibility and social activities on offer at Deloitte.
  • Assessing and quantifying risks / Developing, testing and applying actuarial models
  • Monitoring historical insurance, pensions and investment experience, and understanding the business implications;
  • Assessing future insurance liabilities for setting premiums, understanding profitability, financial reporting and transferring blocks of business
  • Researching potential enhancements to modelling approaches and writing research papers on these
  • Developing tools to assist clients in using XSG;
  • Helping clients enhance and optimise their internal modelling processes
  • Designing, implementing and testing risk and valuation models for major companies to help these companies comply with the latest financial regulations
  • Analysing client data and presenting your findings to the client by means of visualisation tools

Management Standards

One of our firm-wide priorities is to deliver a globally uniform level of quality in core services so that our clients experience a consistent, exceptional Deloitte. To achieve this, global standards have been developed that define the most critical capabilities required by client service professionals. Joining Deloitte, within the business area you chose, you will develop professional qualifications and the following capabilities.

  • Delivery Excellence: Ability to team with others to produce a high quality work product to ensure a superior client experience
  • Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving: Ability to collect, assimilate and analyse relevant data and use standard processes and tools to help surface and support solutions
  • Financial Acumen: Ability to apply basic financial concepts to client and Deloitte business models
  • Executive Presence: Ability to maintain a positive, professional attitude and adapt to changing priorities to instil confidence in team
  • Logical Structuring: Ability to use and apply frameworks to organize concepts, identify gaps, and communicate ideas clearly
  • Global Mind-set: Ability to value and consider the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of colleagues and clients
  • Business-Technology Acumen: Ability to apply technology fundamentals to client situations
  • Access the Organization: Ability to find and leverage a diverse set of resources and share findings with others
  • Architects and Analyses Data: Ability to gather and prepare data to conduct analysis and provide valuable insights for a client’s business issue
  • Job Type: Graduate Job
  • Degree Result Required: 2:1
  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Location: London
  • Salary: Competitive
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