• Name: Amy Farrell
  • Job Title: Actuarial Assistant
  • Location: Leeds
  • University: Leeds
  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Actuarial Mathematics
  • Fields of Work: Consultancy

My degree
Through studying Actuarial Mathematics at The University of Leeds I gained a great insight into what the work of an actuary might include. The majority of the modules I studied were based on the actuarial exams so this was a great stepping stone going into work as an actuarial student. The main reason I decided to pursue a career as an actuary was the mixture of analytical problem solving and effective communication to someone with little or no actuarial knowledge.
Choosing Xafinity Consulting
The moment I knew I really wanted to work for Xafinity was after attending the assessment centre which was the final stage of the application process. From the challenging group tasks to the mathematical problem solving Xafinity gave us an insight into all the different skills needed as an actuary. The dinner and games at the end of the first day was when I got to see the social side to the company – which is when I knew it was the perfect fit for me.
My job
Within my first few days at Xafinity myself and the other new graduates were given plenty of training about the actuarial profession and in particular the work Xafinity does. On a daily basis the tasks I complete can vary dramatically. From member calculations to accounting disclosures to drafting reports, all of which build on fundamental skills needed to be a great actuary. I feel like I am constantly learning something new within my job and if I am ever stuck or unsure there is always a friendly face within the client team to help out.
Professional development at Xafinity Consulting
When beginning a new piece of work a more senior member of the team will sit down with me and explain what needs to be done, how it’s done and why it’s needed. I find this great as it gives me an insight into client specific information and a greater understanding of actuarial applications. The amount of training sessions Xafinity provide is great and if you ever find something that hasn’t been accounted for in a training session that you are struggling with, you can easily request a training session in that field.
Life at Xafinity Consulting
The people at Xafinity are what make it such a great company to work for.  The socials are always a laugh and they give you a chance to build relationships with people from other departments. There’s always something social going on, from end of the month drinks to lunches out to activities such as bowling and pub quizzes.

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