• Name: Nicki Blakeway
  • Job Title: Actuarial Assistant
  • Location: Wilmslow
  • University: Manchester
  • Degree: BSc Mathematics & Management
  • Fields of Work: Risk Management

The work

I joined Royal London’s actuarial department in Wilmslow in September 2009 straight after graduating from university. There are four teams in our department which carry out activities such as financial reporting, actuarial servicing, capital monitoring, and systems risks and controls, so there are opportunities to gain experience across different areas. I currently work on the servicing team, which supports the distribution, marketing and administration of business and have been involved in a wide variety of work. This helps to keep day to day activities interesting and challenging.
Working within a large business also gives me the opportunity to meet and work with lots of different people. We are expected to provide technical support to other areas of the business which creates great links with other departments.
When I first started the people in the department were very approachable and always willing to answer even the simplest of questions. This helps to create a good atmosphere in the office and has allowed me to learn at a much quicker rate.

The exams

Studying and working requires a large amount of commitment, but if you manage your time well there is still time for a social life. I play for a basketball team, go swimming and regularly enjoy catching up with friends.
Royal London offers an excellent study support package. We are given a day off most weeks to study along with tutorial days and plenty of materials. There are quite a few actuarial students in the department which I find very useful as there is always someone to discuss your studies with.

The location

The Wilmslow office is set in attractive grounds with plenty of space. There are some good facilities such as a restaurant, snooker room, gym, and a Starbucks for coffee fans such as myself. Wilmslow town is only a short walk away and here you will find a few shops and some good pubs and cafes. There is a great social atmosphere within the office, with many nights out, five a side football and a pub lunch every Friday. Many people in the department are students meaning that the social life is well placed around exams.

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