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  • Name: Claydon Peaker
  • Job Title: Graduate Actuarial Associate
  • Location: London
  • University: Leeds
  • Degree: MSc Economics and Finance/BSc Economics
  • Fields of Work: Consultancy

Why did I choose APR?
Since my degree background was not actuarial, my knowledge of the specific roles of actuaries was quite limited. However, I knew that I was looking for a quantitative role in finance, so actuarial work was a natural fit. The project-based work at APR was attractive because of the opportunity to gain exposure to different areas of actuarial work and get a wider scope of experience than other roles might provide. The friendly, small-company feel that APR showed in interview also really appealed to me.

How did I get the job at APR?
The application process at APR was a big tick for me when choosing to accept my offer. Consisting of online tests, a phone interview and a final assessment day, the process was straightforward with no nasty surprises. However, each step was much more personal than with other applications. I felt that APR wanted to find the best people for the role by supporting candidates to show their best side and make the right decision if given an offer.

How do I see myself progressing in the next 2-3 years?
I’ve spent most of my time with APR so far working in pensions, which is probably the area which I was initially most interested in. This has been really valuable for me, particularly as my first placement has given me fast and meaningful experience in a key area of actuarial work.

However, over the next few years I expect to have gained good experience in other areas. This is one of the key benefits of the style of APR’s graduate scheme, where a graduate can expect to rotate across clients in different industries.

The study support at APR means that I’m hopeful to make quick progress in completing my actuarial exams. The training on offer at the beginning of the graduate scheme and between projects is also comprehensive and very well-respected amongst clients. This struck me within my first week at APR. Our training gave a steep learning curve, but within a week it was clear that myself and my fellow new starters were quickly becoming well-equipped to make a great start on our first placements.

Alongside the breadth of experience that a new graduate can expect at APR, this should put me in good stead to face challenges and take on more responsibility on various client projects in the future.

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