• Name: Kinshuk Singh Rattu
  • Job Title: Actuarial Analyst
  • Location: London
  • University: -Other UK-
  • Degree: City of London - Banking and Finance
  • Fields of Work: Banking & Finance

Capita is a major provider of outsourced services therefore it allows our team to work for different clients and get exposure to a variety of different products. I am currently part of the Bristol Actuarial Services team. Our work involves answering complex policyholder requests, implementing regulatory changes on systems and working on remediation projects. We are also constantly encouraged to look for potential process improvements to make process and systems more efficient.

What was the application and interview process like?

The application form was easy to navigate and I was able to answer all the questions with no issues. Within a month, I was contacted by a senior actuarial manager and we agreed on a date for an initial virtual meeting. The interview process was actually my primary reason for joining Capita. I was interviewed by two senior managers, both of whom took the time and effort to research my background and presented meaningful questions on a variety of different topics related to the job role.

What were the first few weeks like?

The onboarding process started with two weeks of initial training, which included an introduction to a variety of product types used in life insurance along with a series of tasks. The following two weeks involved on-the-job training, where I met my current team and began working on high-volume ad hoc queries we receive. I attended the office throughout the training period and was subsequently offered the option to work onsite or remotely. I chose a combination of both. I attend the office every Tuesday and have found that even one day in the office improves my productivity throughout the week.

What do you most like about your Job?

The study support offered by Capita is excellent. We are allocated study days based on the exam we take, and these are distributed throughout the year. Shortly after joining, I was assigned a study mentor who offered some great advice on exam preparation as well as other areas. We have regular meetings to keep up to date with my progress.

When it comes to balancing my working hours with my personal time, I am very happy in my current position. Improving the environmental impact by avoiding a daily commute has not only saved me hundreds of pounds a month but also opened up an extra 3 hours in my day, allowing me the flexibility to work earlier. From my personal experience, I feel that Capita strongly considers the negative consequences of an unhealthy work-life integration. They encourage me to manage self-care through flexible working hours, assist me in exploring ways to manage my time more efficiently and help me establish clear boundaries between my work and personal life. Over time, I have grown to appreciate the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

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