Actuarial Assistant

My degree

My degree in Mathematics opened my eyes to just how many different career paths were available to me.

Actuarial Analyst

What is it like working and studying in RSA’s Actuarial Development Scheme?


Why become an actuary?

An actuarial career is an obvious choice for a mathematician: it is a highly respected profession and offers an attractive salary and a good work-life balance.

Why GAD?
The first time I considered a career as an actuary was when I took an actuarial science module as part of my degree and discovered that I really enjoyed the application of mathematics and statistical ideas to tangible, real-world applications.

I was impressed by the tailored development

I joined Deloitte’s Finance Consulting graduate programme after finishing my Accounting and Finance (BSc) degree at the University of Warwick.

Actuarial Analyst

Why did you choose Capita?

Capita, being an outsourcer, presented me with an opportunity to work with a number of clients.

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