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Mercer launches analytics solution for global warming investors

Mercer has launched their analytics and advice solution called Analytics for Climate Transition (ACT) for investors looking to move into the 1.5 global warming scenario mention in the Paris Agreement.

Willis Towers Watson acquires Acclimatise

Willis Towers Watson has announced that they have acquired Acclimatise, the market leader in climate change adaptation advisory and analytics services in order to help client to address climate issues across different types of risks.

Just Group completes £100m Baker Hughes Pension Plan buy-in

Just Group has completed a buy-in transaction covering around £100m of pensions liabilities with the trustees of the Baker Hughes (UK) Pension Plan.

The Treasury has been called to address #justpayit campaign against insurers deducting grant payments

Some insurance companies have been deducting grant payments; after the Government set up the Small Business Grant Fund to support businesses through the lockdown. Because of this those behind the #justpayit campaign have now called for the Treasury to take action against insurers that are deducting government grants from pay-outs.

RSA in talks with overseas insurers over a £7bn takeover deal

RSA Insurance is in talks with Canadian insurer Intact and Danish insurer Tryg in a £7bn takeover deal which can lead to the break-up of one of the FTSE 100’s oldest companies. They received an offer after their shares increased by 46% after reports of a possible deal.

Zurich invests £1 million in workforce retraining programme

To address an anticipated skills gap in upcoming years, Zurich has invested £1 million in a workforce retraining programme; which aims to upskill around 3,000 UK employees for data literacy and tech-driven competencies in the next five years.

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