Keep up with what has been happening this week in our latest actuary news round-up…

Hiscox has appointed a new UK Chief Operating Officer

Hiscox, a specialist insurer that offer their services globally has appointed Louise Marling as the Chief Operating Officer at their UK branch. CEO of Hiscox UK, Bob Thaker said that it’s great to have Louise on board and ‘her operational expertise and wealth of industry experience make her an excellent addition…’

New Covid-10 lockdowns could affect economic recovery as FTSE 100 may see biggest monthly drop

FTSE 100 may have its biggest monthly drop since March as the index may be on course for a monthly drop of nearly 5%. after stocks in London have been down for the fifth straight session on Friday.

Employers could pay up to 100bn after new rules on funding company pension schemes

New analysis from LCP looking into the UK’s biggest pension schemes has shown that sponsoring employer may need to fund £100 billion into their schemed over the next 10 years compared to around £60 billion under the current rules.

Covid-19 death risks could be link to air pollution

A study published in the Cardiovascular Research scientific journal has shown that 15% of worldwide Covid-19 deaths were linked to long-term exposure to air pollution with figures being as high as 27% in East Asia.

51% of Small to Medium sized businesses have cut back on insurance policies due to Covid-19 pandemic

A study by Premium Credit, a premium finance provider has shown that slightly over half of companies have stopped paying for essential insurance policies to help keep their businesses stable during the pandemic.

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