University life is going to be slightly different this year than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic. No more clubbing, attending parties but that doesn’t mean the fun is over and it should stop you from feeling welcomed at your new university and meeting new friends. Here are a few ways on how to make the most out of fresher’s week during a pandemic.

Stick to Social Distancing

As with many other activities outside of your household, as per government rules everyone should maintain social distancing, and this does not exclude universities. Many universities have been implementing measures on campus to ensure social distancing is possible for most when on campus. Some universities have even implemented a one-way system, and most are holding lectures and events online to ensure you get the full university experience given the current circumstances.

Attend outdoor activities

Even though fresher’s week will definitely not be the same this year, that does not mean all events will be cancelled. If your university is holding a fresher’s fair or event, most likely it will be outdoors and make sure to stick to social distancing measures to ensure everyone is safe and still enjoying the events. This includes staying 1-2m away from others and possibly wearing a mask indoors or when social distancing isn’t possible. If you are worried about attending these events, make sure to find out what measures your university has in place to keep everyone safe and you can always just attend an online virtual event to get a similar experience.

Party with your ‘bubble’

The fun isn’t over just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, some universities such as Swansea university are implementing the idea of creating ‘bubbles’ with your housemates so you will be able to have fun and enjoy all the usual fresher’s shenanigans with your housemates. Swansea University also are looking into creating mini night-club booths with shipping containers where you can enjoy a fresher’s club event with your friends in a safe environment. Most if not all universities will be holding some outdoor event, so make sure to research what is on at your university and get involved!

Host online events with your friends

Although it’s not the same as having fun in person, if you want to connect to others that aren’t in your ‘bubble’; you can always host your own online events. This can include game nights or just meeting other people on your course to get to know each other because university lectures begin. Another good idea is to host an event where maybe you can go to an in person event and show your other friends (who may not be able to attend) the campus and the information that you are learning, this can help those who can’t make it to the event feel included during fresher’s week.

Join online society zoom meetings to meet new people

A great way to meet like-minded individuals outside of your course is through joining societies and attending their events. Many universities are holding virtual fairs where you will have an avatar that can ‘visit’ different stands and learn more about the different societies and events at the university. Fresher’s week is the best time to join, so do your research and look into which societies you want to join and sign up. Some societies may even hold online meetings and events which is a great way to meet people and interact outside of your ‘bubble’.

Explore your virtual campus

As mentioned before, most universities will be holding virtual events when you can explore the campus virtually and learn more about the university you are attending. Universities such as Newcastle university will be making the most out of their online presence by streaming live events on their social media pages with activities and events happening onsite and online. Depending on the university you go to, a good way to keep up-to-date with the latest university news and learn more about your university would be to follow all their social media sites to make sure you know when their next event is live.

These are just a few tips on how you can make the most of your fresher’s week. The main outcome should be to get to know your classmates and get comfortable with the university, your course and meet new people to prepare you for a great university experience ahead!

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