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Slope Software partners with Florida State Actuarial Science Program

Slope, a cloud-based actuarial software-as-a-service provider has announced that they will be partnering up with the Actuarial Science Program at Florida State University. This will allow students to use the Slope platform to complete financial analysis investigation in their coursework.

ACA states new funding regime cannot fast track all schemes

New regime proposals have been outline in the Defined Benefit Funding Codes consultation; however, the Association of Consulting Actuaries (ACA) have noted that a few key details have not been defined yet which could affect the success of the new regime.

Surge in Angry Birds gaming due to COVID-19 lockdowns

Creator of the Angry Birds mobile game series has reported a 160% jump in the second quarter of their adjusted operating profit. The adjusted operating profit rose to 13.8 million euros from 5.3 million in the previous quarter.

ESG equity funds record high in the last four months

New analysis has found that investments in Environmental, social and governance (RSG) equity funds have been popular in the last four months. The report from fund network, Calastone, has shown that £1.2bn has been invested in ESG funds between April and July which is higher that the past five years combined.

Economists warn the government of the risk of pitting the economy against public health during pandemic

Two of the country’s top economists have warned that a premature easing of COVID restrictions by the government in the bid to get the economy moving ‘could inflate deaths and deepen recession’. They have suggested that the government should pursue a cautious and prolonged reopening strategy instead to save lives and help the economy in the long run.

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