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Llloyd’s of London proposes ways for insurance to prepare for future pandemics

Insurance market, Lloyd’s of London has published a few different ways the Insurance industry can recover from the economic and societal impact of the current Covid-10 crisis; and how they can also prepare for further pandemics.

Data shows market for Pensions transfers maintained in lockdown

Data recorded by the Origo Transfer Index (OTI) has shown that the market for pensions transfers, during the second quarter of 2020, has maintained its levels of performance amid the lockdown and financial crisis to businesses.

Leaders of the EU meet to discuss Covid-19 recovery funds

Leaders of the European Union have met for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic for a two-day summit to reach an agreement on how to deal with the £680bn coronavirus recover fund as well as negotiate their seven-year budget.

Netflix shares drop after positive second quarter earnings

Netflix has announced that they have added over 10 million more paid subscribers than expected this week. However, despite the rise in Netflix subscribers during the pandemic, their shares have dropped down 10% in after-hours trading on Thursday.

Public sector pension discrimination could lead to higher taxes

The UK government has revealed that they have a £17bn bill to tackle age discrimination in public sector pensions which could benefit around 3 million people in the UK. Commentators, however, have said that this could be financed through spending cuts or even higher taxes.

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