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Employer pension contributions to be reduced says Deloitte

Big Four accountancy firm, Deloitte are planning to cut pension contributions for UK staff; in a bid to maximise cost savings during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Bank of England warns of worst recession on record

The Bank of England has analysed what would happen to the economy if the lockdown gradually phases out between June and September; it was shown that the economy could shrink up to 14% this year based on the lockdown being relaxed possibly leading to the deepest recession on record.

More lives lost from lockdown in South Africa

In an attempt to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa; there has been a lockdown which could now be doing more harm than good, according to actuarial findings. A new model developed by local actuaries shows that the lockdown can lead to 29 times more lives.

Zurich Community Trust developed £2m support package for charities

Zurich’s charity, Zurich Community Trust (ZCT), has announced a £2m support package for national and local charity partnerships working to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investors warns government about climate change during pandemic

The Investor Agenda Group has issued a statement to the government in a letter urging them to not forget about climate change; which would lead to further financial, health and social risks if the government’s recovery plan is not sustainable.

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