When students graduate, many possess the same feeling that besieged them when they first moved to campus; to start up their lives afresh in a city that’s different from where they currently reside. Some others feel okay staying in the region their university is situated in. However, when the state of the job market hits them, they forward job applications to different cities.

The experience of moving to a new city is always exciting whether or not it was planned for from the start. Before making the permanent move to a city after graduation, you need to conduct proper research. You need to be absolutely sure you’re picking the right city and making the best moves.

Although cities contain several job opportunities, you have to understand that thousands of graduates are also thinking along the same lines. It’s been estimated that 7 in 10 graduates plan to move to a city immediately once they have finished their degree. In order for you to find the process of moving to a city post-graduation easy, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Making New Friends

One of the challenges of moving to a new city is socializing. Many university students find it easy to make friends in school, as one can join a fraternity, a student club or tutorial classes. However, in the ‘adult’ world it’s different. It gets harder to keep up with old friends due to the stress of settling in a new city and the variety of schedules you all lead.

Making friends in a new city could be highly beneficial to you if you’ve moved to a new place, as you won’t feel as lonely as you’ll have a companion to help you settle in. You can start by taking workout classes at the gym in the city or hang out at events in the region. This way you get to meet new people, and then you can meet their friends and expand your social network. If you’re the reserved type, you can search social media to find potential friends who stay in your area to connect with.

  1. Researching the City You Intend to Reside in

Moving to a new city is something that absolutely needs patience and strategic planning. You have to remind yourself your priority is to get the right job for you. Different cities are best for certain industries, and this means you have to choose the city that aligns with the career that you’d like to pursue. Birmingham is a city with several automobile manufacturing companies, and Cardiff is known for ‘white collar professions’ – office jobs.

There are certain areas that also specialize in various sectors, such as London, which is known for its variation in industries across the different areas. For instance, working in The City is ideal for graduates that intend to work in the financial sector. Making plans like this help to facilitate ease of movement to a city and smoothen the process of landing a job.

  1. Dealing with the High Cost of Living

Cities provide a high range of opportunities for all kinds of graduates looking for jobs. This ultimately raises the demand for flats and houses in cities and as such, leads to an increase in rent prices. This also creates a ripple effect that affects the cost of living in cities. If you’re moving to a city without having a job offer, you need to make sure you have enough cash to live off of for a few months at the very least.

You’ll have to create a budget that you’ll strictly adhere to in the coming months. Make sure you find out the cost of amenities like water and heating, transportation and insurance. Once this is determined, you can then plan how you’ll manage your expenses. Even if you’ve got a job in the city you want to move to, remember that your wages hit you when you’ve worked for a month. You wouldn’t want to spend unnecessarily leaving you broke halfway into the month.

  1. Dealing with the Competition

Job competition in cities is not like how it is in towns. Cities are home to different people with different upbringings. You have to understand that the job interview you might be taking with levity is what others are aggressively preparing for. This means you have to be on your very best. Arrive at job interviews at least an hour before the stipulated time, dress smart, and read books and blogs that give advice on acing job interviews.

Moving to a new city after graduation is usually a tough decision to make. However, with proper planning and making the right decisions you can ultimately thrive in any city you find yourself in. Socializing with the right people, creating budgets, and being competitive help with landing your dream job swiftly after you make your move.


Ruby Clarkson is a freelance writer who specialises in career advice, startups, students & grads. When she isn’t writing, she can be found either out in the garden or curled up with her favourite book. 

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