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UK economy contracts on back of Brexit uncertainty

The UK economy shrank in the second quarter, its worst performance in six and a half years, as growth was held back by Brexit uncertainty and car factory shutdowns.

Italy’s political crisis triggers bond sell-off and shakes European markets

Traders have sold off Italian government bonds and European stock markets are in the red after League party leader Matteo Salvini called for a snap election, saying his ruling coalition was unworkable.

TPR tells small pension schemes to quit market

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has blasted the “unacceptable” performance of small pension schemes in the UK and told them to improve or leave the market.

NHS pensions row: Ministers act amid waiting list rise

The government has come up with new proposals for England and Wales to end the row with doctors over pensions.

Pensions industry making ‘fat living’ from charging savers, MPs claim

Parts of the pension industry are making a “fat living” from people’s savings and should come under tougher scrutiny, MPs have said.

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