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No-deal Brexit would cost Ford up to $1billion

Ford Motor Co said on Thursday that it faces a bill of up to £767 million if Britain leave the EU without a deal, comprising of the impact of the weaker pound and World Trade Organisation tariffs.

Insurers urged to offer discounts to climate-resilient companies

Insurance firms have been told to offer cheaper premiums to companies that are preparing for the impacts of climate change amid a growing frequency in extreme weather events.

Venezuelan government could topple on its own, even without new US sanctions, economists say

Capital Economics economists have said that Venezuela have the makings of a situation so bad that it could bring about its own regime change.

London Pride maker Fuller’s sells beer business to Asahi for £250m

London Pride beer is to be brewed by Japan’s Asahi after Fuller, Smith & Turner sold its entire brewing operation after 174 years.

77% of women have ‘no idea’ how much pension income they need to retire

More than a third of women have no idea about how much pension money they would need to retire comfortably, with 70% admitting they don’t know if they even have enough to stop working.

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