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IASB overhauls insurance accounting with issuance of IFRS 17

Described as a ‘once in a lifetime regulatory change in accounting for insurance policies’, the new IFRS 17 regulations look set to revolutionise how investors compare international insurance companies.

UK insurers hit by biggest accounting shake-up in decades

Find out how the new IFRS 17 regulations will affect UK firms. Perfect for interview preparation.

Conservative party manifesto reveals the “Triple lock” may be under threat in the next parliament.

Tax changes for landlords hits UK housing market buy to let activity

New cuts to mortgage tax relief for landlords is blamed for drop in buy to let activity last month.

Put down the crystal ball: Understanding Brexit’s impact on the UK finance sector

Rob Brouwer talks to HuffPost about the jobs market in the UK now that we know an election is on the cards.

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