The Actuarial Research Centre (ARC) was launched yesterday, and celebrated at a reception at the Scottish Parliament, where MSP Mark McDonald welecomed actuarial input in public affairs.
Based in Scotland, the ARC has been launched with the intention of collaborating with business and developing research to benefit industry – it is expected to become an international centre for theĀ furtheringĀ of actuarial science.
David Hare, President Elect of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries commented: ‘ARC funding will significantly increase the availability of scholarships for talented and aspiring PhD students. Co-sponsorship of PhDs will allow businesses to engage in long-term research projects that would be difficult to resource in-house. ‘
‘The ARC has been designed to work in partnership with companies. Already Hyman Robertson and Partnership are co-sponsoring two research projects and we look forward to discussing the benefits that the ARC offers businesses with more companies.’

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